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If people say that a picture says a thousand words, then what does a video say? You might not be able to squeeze a thousand words into a promotional video on your website or Youtube, but videos, but in a few short minutes you can build trust with your audience through video. You pick the platform and The Launch will help you leverage your decades of experience into a short production that will tell your story, convert more customers or help people understand your cause. Our video’s build further brand equity, and product results; guaranteed. So what are you waiting for?

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Show or Tell?

Why just explain the benefits of your product or service through text on your webpage when you can show them the benefits in a short video?

Video Production Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a mecca for creatives. The Launch sought out one of the most creative video production teams in the U.S. AND we’re right in your backyard.

Increase Revenue

Video’s = Trust / Trust = ROI

Partner with us

We aren’t a faceless organization. We partner with you on a holistic level and will even give free advice to enhance other areas of your marketing strategy including SEO, Social Media, and more!

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Hello, We are The Launch and we would love to make you a video.

The Launch gears all it’s corporate video production around real interviews with clients or employees. When most video production companies in Minneapolis shoot corporate video, they hire paid actors to serve as your customers and employee’s; don’t fall into the trap of making that your reality. We avoid scripts because the process can be time consuming and uninspired. We find passionate people in your organization to help with the video production and wholeheartedly believe that people-centered videos make great marketing. Your company benefits from our proprietary process by not shelling out days and days of production time. We follow the KISS model, keep it simple stupid, and we’ve seen massive results because of this.

If you want to give us a script and tell us what to shoot, then you might be better served by another video production company in Minneapolis. However, if you’re looking for an agency with true marketing know-how and the grit to let you know what you need to do to make a project successful, then you’ve come to the right spot. That really is our differentiator. We don’t just shoot video, we help you with your video outreach strategy, and help you lay out a plan for success with an ROI you’ll be able to measure in your shopping cart.

What’s our process?

First, we start by finding key messages and themes. We probe you’re team and ask questions upon questions until we fully understand your customer and what exactly it is that will get them to trust you for X, Y or Z. We challenge you to leave out the details and let us make sure that the video you’re looking to produce connects directly with your consumer base.

Second, when we start to shoot the video we ask the right questions. We’ve noticed far too many companies asking close minded questions that don’t garner creative responses. The Launch does this part differently. When interviewing we provide a comfortable conversational experience for your customer’s clients and employees.

Finally, we pride ourselves on the turnaround time for your video production. We typically take days to get a video back to you for review as opposed to weeks like other video production companies here in the Twin Cities. We want you with us through every step of the process and we don’t quit until we have a final product your company is proud to show off.

The market has made a paradigm shift and now there is intense pressure to have a website that actively uses video. Let us make you a branding video that shares your company story with potential customers or clients.

What are our other capabilities?

At The Launch, we work with a wide variety of clients on their video needs. Please read a bit into the following.

Social Media Marketing

We can help you craft a video or a series of videos to add to your social media marketing strategy. Let us consult about where you’re internal team is at with their campaign and synergistically swoop in for support.

Product videos

Since we started we’ve worked with a ton of different product based companies. Let us help you shoot your product in a way that makes people want to use it.

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