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We’ve worked with some of the top brands in the world, traveled across the cosmos and hand-picked the most seasoned team of designers to be utilized by your company. We take design seriously and from a holistic approach. Most design agencies in Minneapolis can spin up a logo for you, but it takes the most creative talent to better position your brand in the marketplace.

We help provide comprehensive branding audits and strategy and work with your company execute on our findings. Whether you’re a funded startup who’s ready to outgrow the logo design your founder created or you’re a national brand looking for a new brand identity in a crowded space, The Launch has you covered.

We make sure your brand is in good hands, Get Started Now


The Launch will travel to your location to meet with you in person to discuss your goals for the new brand. We get to know your brand as if we were getting to know a new lover. We study your current brand’s assets in the marketplace and lay out a plan for success moving forward.


In phase two we conduct a full comprehensive audit of your competitors. Who are some companies that are really getting it right in your space? What sets them apart? It’s all included in the audit.


Here’s where we crank up the creativity. We dig deep into the years of collective experience to transform your brand into something you can really be proud of.

Delivery and Launch

When it comes time to Launch your new brand, you’ll be glad you had us on your side. Did we mention we can also help streamline the process on your website and social channels?

Partner with us

We aren’t a faceless organization. We help point out areas where your brand strategy could be lacking and give you actionable advice. From your logo design to all your brand assets, The Launch as you covered.

Branding Clients

Hello, We are The Launch, and we would love to take a look at your brand identity and strategy.

At The Launch, we try and take the term “Minneapolis Design Firm” to a whole new level. When you’re looking for a logo designer or graphic designer in Minneapolis, you should make sure you partner with an agency that truly understands what it takes to launch a new brand and has a firm grasp on the business aspects, as well as the creative.

Brand Strategies & More

Our branding strategies and design processes deliver results. Our initial brand audit will let you know exactly where your brand is lacking and benchmark your company for future success. We help your company understand that your brand equity is more than just your logo and color scheme.

Our plans are always custom and often include:

  • Internal Branding Audit
  • External Competitive Audit
  • Audience Identification
  • Further Competitor Analysis
  • Branding Material Audit
  • Synergy with Existing Marketing Teams
  • Weekly Phone Calls
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Strategy and Implementation
  • Multiple Rounds of Edits
  • Team Expertise from Past Projects
  • And More!

We want to help lay out a blueprint for your brand’s success. That’s why we’re the number one Minneapolis branding agency, and we’re one of the top branding partners for a plethora of large companies.

Please contact us today to schedule a FREE whiteboard session on where your brand is currently lacking. We can talk you through some of the short sides and let you know a few things we would do to take your brand into the stratosphere.

Why Do you need a branding expert?

Your brand is a visual representation of your products, services employees, and company as a whole. If you covered up the name under your logo, would people know who you are? That’s brand equity. Let us help curate that for your company today.

How do we do it?

Branding Audit

We start our branding relationships off with an audit. In the audit, we do a deep dive of what your current brand looks like to the market. We develop a full understanding of your current customer bases and work with your team to establish a plan to reach new customers in the market. The Launch will do a full competitor audit and analysis to benchmark from and figure out the strategies that have helped your competitors succeed.

What you’ll get?

  • Audience Identification
  • Branding Audit and Review
  • Brand Equities Audit
  • Marketing Audit
  • Brand Strategy and Execution Plan
  • And More!

Brand Development

After we’ve conducted a thorough audit of your brand in the marketplace, we consult with your team on the vision of your brand moving forward. We then flesh out multiple strategies for success to present to your internal organizations that include logo design, image selection, typography, voice and tone and more!

First, we do logo design all over the country. Second, we can do a new identity for your company to freshen up the look! Contact us today to go over the logistics.

Well, we don’t like to toot our horns, but we would say that we would put our work up against any other agency in town. Why don’t you contact us and let’s do a bake-off?

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