10 Steps To Keyword Research

When conducting keyword research there is nothing better than the Ahrefs tool. For this tutorial, I will be utilizing that tool the entire time, so if you don’t have it either A. Get it here or B. bugger off.

1. Input the website into Ahrefs.

Find Organic Keywords:
2. Check all the organic keywords that might come up for the site based on SERP.

Find Competitors Keywords:
3. Check Competition Keywords
a. Find a competitor – Stick their website into the site explorer
b. Find Organic Keywords using the organic keywords button
c. Using top pages you can research which pages are getting them the most traffic and which ones will fall in your niche

Use a keyword research tool:
4. Ubbersuggest is amazing for this, try it here
5. You can also use the Keywords explorer by Ahrefs here

*Pro Tip if you use Ubersuggest in conjunction with Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension you can just click on each keyword and add it to your favorites.

Filter Keywords
• Keyword difficulty;
• Search volume;
• Clicks;
• Clicks per search;
• Cost per click;
• Return rate;
• Number of words in a keyword;
• Include/Exclude terms.

6. Think Outside the Box
a. Here’s a great example of a site that I’m working with/on: www.spamd.net. They offer Photofacials as one of their services (it’s a laser service that lightens brown spots). Photofacials results in a volume of 9,900 a month (something we would never rank for) while Age Spots Treatment results in 1,000 searches a month (and we could easily rank for this)

7. Understand the metrics
a. Search Volume
i. The number of times a search is being preformed for that keyword
b. Clicks
i. The number of times that a website is being clicked on when searching for that keyword
c. Traffic Potential
i. Figuring out how much traffic you can actually get per keyword.
d. Keyword Difficulty
i. A number that says how hard it’s going to be to rank for that keyword.

8. Take all of the keywords that you came up with and group them into parent topics.
a. Let’s use my medical spa example again. Botox is my parent topic, and Botox Minneapolis, Botox mn, what is Botox are all under the parent topic of Botox.

9. Group your keywords
a. Group by intent
i. What is a person trying to do when searching for a keyword?
1. Photofacial
2. Photofacials near me
b. Group by ROI
i. Which keywords are going to be more profitable for my business?
1. Photofacial meme
2. Photofacial benefits
3. Photofacial near me

So there is is! 10 steps to keyword research with the Ahrefs tool. You can also check out our own SEO Page for more info!

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